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Lobster Maine Bow Tie Seersucker


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Maine lobster bow tie in ultra-nautical bright, patchwork madras reversing to seersucker, embroidered with a detailed red lobster at the tips on the seersucker side. Let some other guy play it safe at those cocktail parties and weddings this summer. Madras pattern placement varies slightly from tie to tie.

This reversible bow tie can be worn six different ways: 1. all seersucker 2. seersucker with madras knot 3. madras with seersucker knot 4. all madras 5. all madras with lobster twist 6. all seersucker with madras twist.

A special touch at the next occasion, or for no occasion whatsoever. Secret's out, ladies sport them, too.  

Fit: Cleverly adjusts from 13 3/4" to 18" with a simple t-bar and slotted ribbon at the back. Fits ages 7 to 107.

Arrives ready to gift: Handsomely wrapped in a sturdy, reusable kraft box with ribbon as shown. Hand-drawn instruction card included, for those who need a bit of help with tying their tie.

Thanks to both The Maine Square for those nautical pocket squares and to Lost in Reverie Photography for a gorgeous set of House Island wedding images.