Mini Mitts


Mini Mitts for kids & toddlers, fingerless gloves in cashmere and faux fur by worthygoods. Fingerless mittens for my kiddo? Brilliant! Keeps those fingers free to hang from the monkey bars, play air guitar, inspect creepy crawlies, play minecraft... You know, all those critical activities.  

The body of the mitt is cashmere, not a bit itchy and super warm. Hand stitched leather sprout completes the look. Makes having fun that much easier, all the while staying cozy.

care: Got 'em a little grungy? Spot clean in tepid water with a dab of detergent, rinse, squeeze out excess moisture and or lay flat to dry. 

size: Fits ages 2 3 4 years 

arrives ready to gift: Mitts are tucked into a hand-stamped drawstring bag.