Over the Top Sun Hat Women's Reversible Organic Cotton


A fabulous, shady, broad brimmed, reversible organic cotton sun hat.

Shy? No. But if you are, it's the perfect cover. Poolside, beach, gardening, hiking, antiquing. Forget about sunscreen getting in your eyes, you won't need it above your neck. Super-sized brim stretches a full 21 inches across from shoulder to shoulder. Roll it, pack it and take it where the sun shines. The big brim on this face-saver is shapeable and not too floppy, stays out of your eyes while you take in the view.

Which side do you like? Organic cotton red clouds print reverses to coordinating white and bittersweet chocolate in coordinating organic cotton fabric design. Stitched worthygoods logo at the back center brim seam.

care: Got it a little grungy? Hand wash and shape to dry. #protip An upturned bowl makes a great little shape-keeper for drying.

size: Small, 21 1/2 - 22" or 7, Medium, 22 1/2-23", Large 23 1/2-24"

arrives ready to gift: Hats are rolled for travel & tucked into re-useable muslin drawstring bag.