Dory Smith Graham, owner of worthygoods, handmade accessories steeped in Maine style. 

Why Topless Mitts & hats with ear flaps? Because it's cold here in Maine, so when you get the chance to bare something, you take it. Risqué is relative, folks. 
I'm Dory and I've got an ASMR that involves color, music and design. When the elements sing- or maybe it's just Al Green is singing to me, I get that seltzer-in-the-brain feeling. You just try and separate me from a creative lifestyle. I dare you.
Inspired by orange, peeling paint and reckless tea drinking. First goldsmith, now worthygoods-smith. I live on an island off the coast of Maine, creating a living with both worthygoods and my worthygoods textile organic fabric shop. My pattern ideas are sparked while we're out adventuring in the combinations of weather and landscape Maine offers. 

Established in 2008, these wicked Maine-style goods have been handmade right here in Vacationland ever since. In 2009 worthygoods expanded to include worthygoods textile, an organic fabric shop that showcases many of the sustainable fabrics I use here at worthygoods. If you're into that kind of thing, please visit my organic textile shop,