Days of Christmas Advent Calendar


Hand-stamped with numbers from 1-12, or 1-24 with petite pockets for sweet surprises to be tucked in and then unveiled each day leading up to the Epiphany. Or Festivus, or winter solstice or whatever you happen to practice. I'll take all the holidays I can get in December because all of that preparation and stress can only truly be balanced with high-spirited days of celebration and poor-decision-making. 

As featured in Knack Factory's Maine Holiday Gift Guide 2016, they did the heavy lifting for Santa this year.

Each strand of bunting with 12 flags, 3 feet 1/2" long plus 15" ties at each end. Pocketed flags measure 4" tall, 2 5/8" wide, with 2 1/4" pockets. The perfect size for a little daily gift, note of inspiration, an ornament for the tree, or you can delve into vice-territory with dark chocolate bars, scratch tickets, airline shot-sized bottles of inspiration... The list goes on. And yes, if you want a calendar complete with acorn ornaments, I will be happy to oblige. However this one arrives empty, for you to fill with delightful surprises.

Tammis Keefe 50's era vintage fabric paired with denim, cotton duck and golden dot cotton provides a sturdy set of bunting that can be stored and used year after year without upkeep. Each is unique, a worthygoods label on each strand.

Arrives ready to gift: Gift it or keep it. Each calendar is ribboned & wrapped in a hand-stamped, re-usable muslin drawstring bag.

Spectacularly styled look book photos by Jessica Beebe Photography