Necklace Custom Colors Gum Ball Felt Women's


You choose the length & colors! The Gum Ball necklace is a lightweight color pop of natural felt for your neck by worthygoods. A bold statement piece for the colder months that's just about as light as a feather. An excellent gift for any of the fun, bright, trail-blazing ladies in your life.

I've paired these tight wool felt beads with antiqued copper (lead-free) chain for a necklace with timeworn style and charm.

Length: 18, 22, 26 or 30" long 

Colors: Your choice

Arrives ready to gift: To keep or to gift? Gum Ball felt necklace arrives ribboned & wrapped in a sturdy kraft box.

=> And thanks to @shannygrrl0525 for the @worthy_goods ig shout out!