Handmade Seller's License Program


JUST IN: A handmade seller's license for worthygoods Flat Cap Hat PDF sewing pattern by Dory Smith Graham of worthygoods. A PDF downloadable license and sheet of printable labels for iron-on transfers. Looking for just the pattern? Find that here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/worthygoods?section_id=7563294

Handmade Seller's License Allowances & Limitations
This worthygoods License to Sell is a limited commercial license, this license allows one person to make and sell handmade Over the Top sun hats using worthygoods' Over the Top sewing pattern. After purchasing the license, you are entitiled to sell hats you've made from this pattern for profit. The license is good for an unlimited number of hats that have been personally hand made by the buyer of this license and sewing pattern. This license does not need to be re-purchased at any point. Any and all types of mass-production or factory production is strictly prohibited. Buying this license DOES NOT entitle/allow the buyer to copy, sell, alter, duplicate or distribute worthygoods sewing pattern. If the buyer of this license cannot comply with the terms of this agreement, the buyer is entitled to a full refund within 24 hours of purchase.

Seller Requirements
Handmade sellers of worthygoods sewing patterns must attach a sewn-in label to each hat made for sale or profit. For each person working for you, sewing up hats made from worthygoods' pattern for your shop, you must purchase an additional license. For ease of fulfilling the first license requirement, a printable template for the sewn-in labels is included with the license. This template can be printed directly on to iron-on transfer sheets, allowing the license buyer to make their own sewn-in labels. Once a license has been purchased, worthygoods maintains a list of licensed worthygoods sellers. This list helps me track and promote licensed handmade sellers. Once you have finished hats ready for sale, email your website, blog, facebook page, tumbler and twitter account information so I can promote your finished worthygoods hats from time to time on my blog or Facebook page.

With the purchase of this license, you have agreed to comply with all allowances, limitations and seller requirements listed here.