Mini Mitts Blue Lobster Cashmere & Fur


Fingerless mitts for kids in thick blue cashmere and lobster claws! Crusher claw on the right and smaller seizer claw on the left, both stitched in red leather. Faux fur keeps heat in and cold out. Each pair is unique and will have you lookin' good in the winter wonderland neighborhood.

Fingerless mittens for my kiddo? Brilliant! Keeps those fingers free to hang from the monkey bars, play air guitar, inspect creepy crawlies (text mom!)... You know, all those critical winter outdoor activities. Makes having fun that much easier, all the while staying cozy.

Sustainable cashmere from worn out sweaters is not a bit itchy and super warm, faux fur keeps it stylin' and the lobster claws keep your mind on that Maine coastline. Made in Maine worthygoods label at inner wrist and blanket stitch at the thumb and cuff complete the look.

care: Got 'em a little grungy? spot wash with tepid water and a dab of detergent, lightly rinse, squeeze out excess moisture and lay flat to dry. 

size: Perfect for ages 5 & Up and pre teens.

arrives ready to gift: An excellent gift for the instagram photographer on your list, but anyone with a smartphone can appreciate having fingers free to stay social or keep that email inbox in fighting shape. Each pair is tucked in to a re-useable muslim drawstring bag.