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Topless Mitts in Cashmere, Fur & Sprout Womens


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Topless Mitts, fingerless gloves in icy, winter white cashmere knit, rimmed with faux fur at the palm to keep the chill out. All fabrics are sustainably sourced and eco friendly. Hand-cut leather sprouts with silver metallic accents and blanket-stitch at thumb & wrist. worthygoods made-in-Maine label stitched at inside wrist. Each pair is unique (i.e. if you love this pair, snap it up- that's it) and will have you lookin' good in the winter wonderland neighborhood. 

Topless? Well, it's not often that we get to go topless in Maine. It's cold, frigid really. So when you get the chance to bare something, you take it. Risqué is relative. 

care: Got 'em a little grungy? Hand wash, let soak in tepid water and a few drops of laundry detergent, rinse, squeeze out excess moisture, shape, and lay flat to dry. 

size: Fits most all teen & adult hands comfortably.

arrives ready to gift: An excellent gift for the instagram photographer on your list, but anyone with a smartphone can appreciate having fingers free to stay social or keep that email inbox in fighting shape on the fly. Each pair is tucked in to a hand-stamped, re-useable muslim drawstring bag.