Vintage wooden twister bobbins 1800's era


These unusual, vintage wooden brass-capped pirins or bobbins were designed to be used for cotton threads. Today they're for stacking washi tape, jewelry displays, organizing fiber stashes, ribbons and home as well as in-store decor. Due to 1900's changeover to steel alloy, brass and copper capped bobbins are more difficult to find. These 'Sally' bobbins are unique!

height: 5 3/4" : 14.6 cm

width: shaft 3/4" : 1.9 cm base 1 1/4" : 3.2 cm 

a very narrow hole runs through the center

These vintage and antique wooden bobbins were made to last, re-use, not toss. The wooden bobbin is a bit of textile manufacturing and industrial era history beginning in the 1800's that you can hold and display, today. Victorian textile mills developed a wide variety of wooden bobbins and spools to spin thread and organize those threads on their looms, completely transforming the way textiles were produced during the industrial revolution. 

Check out the fantastic light installation made with these spools for J Kilburn, a menswear co by interior design service Homepolish NYC |